Welcome to MALIBULI & Co.!

MALIBULI & Co. ( used to be MAGICTULLECOUTURE) was founded in 2012 by Linda Law and is based in HongKong. 


I've come to notice that most of the brides are looking for affordable fluffy tutu dress for their flower girls.

And there you have MALIBULI & Co. ( MAGICTULLECOUTURE )- a unique brand set out to present the most special, beautiful flower girl tutu dresses that add a unique touch to your big day!

I started this small dream since 2012. I thought it was a simple thing to operate a little business, but obviously I was wrong. In order to make a fluffy dress, I've changed more than 15 suppliers of the fabric materials, and finally I came into the supplier now we cooperate, we customized the tulle fabric time and time again, and finally we made it, fluffy and soft at a affordable price, I think it's very important to make it affordable for most of the brides, and I made it.

And I improved the production to make every little details more and more perfect, and I will keep on improving it in the future.

I'm proud of my flower girl dresses, which you can't find anywhere else!
We sold more than 8000 dresses in the past two years, and we received many compliments from the brides and mothers of flower girls.

Now join us to be one of them!! 

Contact us at 621155400@qq.com if any questions!